Scott Styling is an outlet which was created to provide insight into making conscious wardrobe choices and unique style inspiration. After many years of piecing outfits together for the week ahead and helping to organise my friends and family’s wardrobes, I thought I would share my personal insights into the workings of my style choices through an online fashion diary.

I have always believed that every occasion is an opportunity to dress up. Whether that’s coffee with friends or day to day errands. What you wear is a personal expression that is received by all of those around you. Scott Styling will aim to influence readers to make considered decisions when choosing outfits from their current wardrobe and when making future purchases.

Scott Styling was inspired by years of friends telling me ‘you look so put together’. Thanks to those for giving me the ammunition to share my passion and to advise those on how to be a thrifty and thoughtful shoppers.

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