Welcoming Back The Gate in Chorleywood

The Gate in Chorleywood is a favourite amongst local residents so when I noticed it was closed at the beginning of March I was intrigued to find out why and when it would be back with open doors. The local area is rich with cozy pubs which feature roaring fires, rustic decor and exposed beams meaning you can afford to take a casual approach to your wardrobe. But, if you’re looking for an occasion to dress up and go for cocktails and drinks with your friends then The Gate really hits the spot.

After receiving an email to attend The Gate’s opening night on Friday 16th March following a wonderful refurbishment,  I was excited to see what changes they had made to an already modern and inviting setting.

Arriving at 6pm to start the evening, the first thing you noticed from the exterior is the shiny new branding. A round white logo against a charcoal grey backdrop looked striking compared with their previous design.

Once inside, we were warmly welcomed by staff and were greeted with the sound of live jazz music and an already buzzy atmosphere. We were lead over in the direction of the complimentary drinks and before I knew it, I had a glass of champagne and I was exploring the pub’s lovely new interior.

I have to say I thought the interior was immaculate before but being able to see the new setting I was surprised too see how much of a difference they had made. The bar was lit up and a new marble surface had been built in, the walls were painted in cool grey, brick and muted fawn and the furnishings only complimented the colour scheme in a tobacco wood.

After taking a look around I went and topped up my drink with a Silent Pool gin and tonic accompanied by a slice of orange (if you haven’t tried this brand and you LOVE gin, highly recommended). Not only did The Gate provide a wide selection of complimentary drinks the variation of canapés which were being offered around were in abundance. I was able to sample lamb kofta’s which were out of this world, chicken skewers with a chilli dip, calamari and a chive dip, a Lebanese dip on crostini, mini fish and chips and mini salmon wraps.

The canapés really were a true reflection of The Gate’s new menu too.  They have always been good at offering a menu which delivers a variety of different dishes to meet everyone’s taste and they made sure to incorporate this into their welcome night.

For opening nights at either new bars or eateries I think it always pays to dress smart, whether it is being held in the day or in the evening. The staff who put all their work into arranging evenings such as these for their guests have put in 100% to accomodate them and I think it’s only fair to recognise their efforts with returning the gesture. A midi or slip dress with a blazer is a nice touch or a long sleeved jumpsuit and heels makes for a nice alternative too. My choice for the evening was a silk cami from H&M, black skinny jeans from Zara, my snake print jacket and white heels from New Look.

Overall, the night was a huge success. The venue was full of guests who were enjoying the end of a working week at their newly refurbished local with a glass in hand and a canapé in the other. Thank you to The Gate for putting on such a wonderful evening. I look forward to visiting again soon and I hope I will see you dining there too.

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